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My first post / welcome!

welcome to hell


Is this blogging thing time-barred or is that my impression?

Rod! quotes himself.

The good thing about a page or a blog is that we can dump what's on our mind here. This page is supposed to be a corner where I put my ideas, my drawings, my jokes.

I am 36 years old today and only now I realize that all these things, these hobbies, these preferences cannot be separated. They are all a part of me and my past. So do not be surprised if you see humorous content mixed with illustrated content. Do not be surprised if one day you look more somber and sometimes humorous. Because these two sides of the coin make me the person I am today.

In portuguese?

This site/blog/thing is written in Portuguese because this is my country and my natural habitat. It's enough for me to speak English 8 hours a day during office hours. But do not be surprised if you see things in English here too.

Note: I write according to the old spelling agreement and this is intentional.

Is this one of those pages where I can see naked men/women/animals?

Yes, indeed. I like to think that the internet was created to spread the beauty of naked bodies, no matter what species or breed of animal.

Occasionally you may see less than-proper content. for minors. Age wise, I am not referring to people whose height is affected by a genetic condition.

Your stage name sounds familiar...

It is normal that you have heard of Rod. There are several celebrities named Rod. Rod Stewart, Rod Serling, Dennis "Rod" Mann, and many others.

I chose ROD! because Joe Madureira signed his drawings "MAD!" at the time. I figured two things, I want to draw as well as him (that did not happen) and Rod is the abbreviation of my last name so it will fit well. If you search for Rod on Google, you will find that the fact that you came to this page is a real miracle, or a curse if you do not like the content of the page.


Make me laugh

OK... here is a self-portrait when I was younger!

And with that, I take my leave for today. Soon I'll be back with some fantastic, interesting, and fun stuff. It will cause laughs, it will cause emotions. It will be shared by all your friends and acquaintances, even in the Whatsapp groups where they share pictures of this gentleman:

Then it will go viral, it will be transmitted between children, parents and grandparents. Some people will start wearing masks and avoiding physical contact. The CDC will set up rules of social distancing to prevent this viral content from spreading, but that will be inevitable because...

The virus “Abominable Rod!” has come to stay!

What would you like to see on this site? Do you like topics like comics, illustrations, cartoons or comic strips?x
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