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Fanzine “Outras Bandas” – From Montijo with love!

The Collective

It was with surprise and satisfaction that I found a collective of comic book lovers in Montijo.

This group tries to keep alive the flame of comic books in our country and produces a fanzine in which I have already participated, "Outras Bandas".

O patriotismo do coletivo Tágide! A levar a Banda Desenhada a novos patamares com o seu fanzine

The Tágide collective is made up of comic writers not only from Montijo, but also from neighboring communities.

Some participants come from further away, but distance does not matter when you have a common goal.

O logótipo do coletivo Tágide que edita o fanzine outras bandas

Before the outbreak of this terrible pandemic, meetings were held every two weeks at the Quinta Pátio d'Água (Montijo). The meetings were open to the public and were used for socializing, exchanging ideas and collective and individual projects.

It was certainly not uncommon for 3 or 4 authors to give a taste of the pencil in the course of the conversation. But do not think the pandemic put the brakes on these meetings.


Given the current panorama of the pandemic, the meetings have become virtual but the flame remains with common initiatives such as:

Heróis da Banda Desenhada (Comic Book Heroes)

The Colective Tágide celebrates the heroes of Portuguese comics.

Authors share on social networks their interpretations of the national heroes

Therefore, each author chooses a hero of Portuguese comics and puts his stamp on him, as a form of homage. This is a way to keep these characters alive and also to show the talent of those who honor them.

By way of example, here are some of my contributions to this initiative:

Do you want to see more of my artwork ? try the gallery.

Cadavre Exquis

The comic "Ossadas do Ofício” is a cadavre exquischallenge performed by the authors of the Tágide group. The project was recently compiled in the fanzine. Outras Bandas #3

Página da BD em modo cadavre Exquis "Ossadas do Oficio"
Image taken from blog

Outras Bandas

"Outras Bandas" is the anthological fanzine of the authors of the Tágide collective. It gathers comics and illustrations produced by the authors throughout the year. It also contains collaborations, such as the initiative Cadavre Exquis and Heróis da Banda Desenhada (Comic Book Heroes).

In summary, Tágide is a group that is becoming more and more present in the panorama of the national B.D. and can therefore expect interesting things in the future. If this were not a group full of young (and some not so young) talent.

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